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Select calibration marker

  • Use the drop-down to select your calibration marker, then press Next.

image 3 (1).png

  • Open your de-identified x-ray on your computer.

  • During templating, your mobile device must be parallel to the computer screen.


  • For more stability, try resting your device vertically on an elevated surface.



image 1.png


Select your implants

  • Select Knee or Hip.

  • Use the drop-down to select your manufacturer and implants.

  • For Knee, select AP or Lateral

test iphone.png
1 AR target1.gif


Activate augmented-reality (AR)

  • To activate AR, have your device vertically in front of your computer screen and move it slowly until the AR target appears. 

  • Templating is only active when the AR target is on the center of app screen.

  • Once the AR target is active, press Calibrate to make an AR marker appear on your screen.

  • Drag the AR marker using 1 finger to position it over the x-ray calibration marker.

  • Rotate the AR marker by dragging 2 fingers vertically up or down on the screen.

  • Zoom in or out of the x-ray on your computer screen until both calibration markers are the same size. 

  • Once calibration is complete, press Next and do not change the x-ray magnification on your computer during templating.

  • TIP: Skip this step for future x-rays taken by the same x-ray machine by recording your calibrated magnification.


Calibrate your


test iphone.png
2 calibrations.gif
test iphone.png
3 header menu.gif


Header Menu


  • Use the Reset icon to clear your screen and restart your template. Tip: Resetting allows you to confirm your calibration.


  • Use the logo icon to return to the home screen.


  • Press Finish to save your template to your device photos.

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