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Welcome to the future
of templating

iTemplating is the newest innovation in mobile pre-operative planning and supply-chain management for hip and knee arthroplasty.

It is time for a better 

                       templating experience.

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Recent studies showing 80-90% accuracy within 1 implant size.


Available to anyone, anywhere you can pull up an x-ray.


Save a fortune on digital

templating for your organization.

Image by Piron Guillaume
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Pre-Operative Planning

At iTemplating, we recognize that practicing orthopedic surgeons are too busy to template for every case. That’s why we’ve built a solution so easy-to-use that your device rep, resident, fellow, or physician-extender can create an accurate template, everytime.


In this new post-Covid era, efficient inventory management is everything for a successful implant manufacturer. With iTemplating, device reps can be sure the necessary implant sizes are available for every case, while also providing tremendous value to their surgeons.

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